Monday, 29 March 2010

Navruz 2010

I remember that Navruz always was a big holiday: women cook samulyak, trees start flourishing, happy children running on the streets, festivals in parks. But it wasn’t like that this year.

21st of March was Sunday. It is a day off and many people didn’t notice that the holiday came. Nothing was organised in the parks. Our mahallya was silent, no celebrations, except of one family welcoming their guests because of Navruz.

23rd of March. About 9 am, people are going to their offices and… all central roads are closed. The taxi driver says: “Because Navruz is today”. I asked: “And what was it then on Sunday?” “Nothing”- was his answer. Then he kept talking about big celebration events for Navruz and how happy people were 20-30years ago. I listened to him without asking questions, since I think, he just wanted to express his feelings…  Official celabration of Navrus two days after the holiday was surprizing for people of Tashkent. A good surprise, isn’t it? =) But this is not the only one...

Saturday morning, almost a week after the 21st of March, I heard music from the college located next to my house. The Hymn of Uzbekistan, official congratulations... Students and teachers gathered in the school courtyard for celebration of Navruz. I smiled. The holiday "lasted" a week and was celebrated at least three times this year. Really funny ;-)