Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Do people want to help or just to get popular?

First of all I want to thank all my friends and visitors of my blog, who answered my questions in the previous post. Here are results: the most of the interviewees think that Uzbekistan should have opened the border for refugees, some think that only for women with children and old people, other believe that all refugees should have an opportunity to find shelter in Uzbekistan. Several consider that Uzbekistan should have sent humanitarian aid only. The answers to the second question show, the majority of respondents think that only the UN troops can intervene in the conflict in Osh, however several people believe that it is still internal issue of Kyrgyzstan and the interim government is responsible for settlement of the conflict. Actually, I am glad that no one considered Russia or the US to be involved in the conflict resolution.

Well, during the last week I was analyzing the situation in Kyrgyzstan and tried to act. In contrast to Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov and some other people, I do not want to write about all my activities. But I want to mention that some of my friends – “ordinary people” did not stay aside and helped the refugees (and again, in contrast to certain people they prefer not to talk about it). For instance, one of them initiated collection of money in her office and then the sum was spent for purchasing things, which were brought to the government of Uzbekistan collecting the humanitarian aid to refugees from Kyrgyzstan. However I must admit that most of my friends do not care about the situation at all.

Frankly speaking, I am fed up with that too. I have intentionally not read any news about the situation for the past several days. Because I got tired with all that twaddle around the conflict. Really… So many people are just wasting their time to chat about it. They don’t do anything; they are just chatting and re-posting the links on the Internet. For instance, there is a group on Facebook called Stop violence in Kyrgyzstan! They spread info about the peaceful demonstrations in New York and London last week. Of course I could not participate coz I’m not there. But I wanted to know how it went in order to write about. So I wrote to the group “admins” and surprisingly did not get any answer. Although I am one of the group members… I really cannot figure out why people spend their time for sending silly messages with explanations who the group is for and who should leave the group, but they do not have time to inform the group members about outcome of the event they initiated. I guess the guys have never heard about tools and tactics for advocacy… I have the feeling they just wanted to say to their friends: "hey, look at me, I'm so cool, I am doing this and that". Oh guys, it's ridiculous =)


  1. I guess the thing about Facebook groups is more about clicking here and there than actually meaning to do this and that.

  2. hm, I agree. And now I understand why you are not on FB