Friday, 14 May 2010

Ban of private notary practice

From tomorrow, May 15, individuals are banned to engage in notary practice in Uzbekistan. The Decree abolishing the system of private notaries was signed by the President I.Karimov in the beginning of May and the alleged reasons were various violations.

On the one hand, many are concerned about their documents certified in the private notary offices, will these papers be valid? Probably the government will oblige everyone to re-certify their papers in the public notary offices, which definitely will be overcrowded... Probably this is the first step on the way back to nationalization of the enterprises and businesses, that were de-nationalized only in late 90th 

On the other, there is the Law “On the notary system in Uzbekistan”, saying that private notary offices are a part of the notary system in the country. So the Law provides individuals with the legal basis and rights to have private notary practice. And according to the legislative hierarchy, Decrees of President are aimed to implement the Laws but not to contradict them. So theoretically, ban of private notary system by the presidential decree is not possible, only the Parliament can do this by issuing a new law.

Yeah, it must be so. But as life shows, theory remains only theory…

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